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Indicator Lights and Symbols

Different symbols may appear on your dashboard that warn of potential problems, safety issues or immediate, critical failure points with your vehicle. Some of these indicator lights advise of overdue maintenance or represent a specific vehicle feature or function.

*This list of symbols includes just some of the most common ones used.  Not all warning lights are universal to all vehicles, and some have slightly different meanings than others.  If you have a unique indicator light on but aren't sure what it means, please give us a call or check your owner's manual for more details.

Symbol Defenitions
Sound Defenitions

Sound Definitions

As you drive your vehicle, be aware of the different noises that you hear. If you've noticed a change in how your car sounds or feels while you drive, it's very likely an indication that something has happened. It would be in your best interest to have it checked out as soon as you can. Sometimes these noises can be an early indication of a growing problem, and we may be able to address it before other damages occur.

Describing the sounds your vehicle makes is very helpful to our technicians when diagnosing the cause of a problem with your car or truck. The following definitions of the most common noises are to assist you in completing the Questionnaires, or help when speaking with one of our service advisors.

  • Boom - rhythmic sounds like a drum roll or a crack of thunder. 

  • Buzz - low pitched, constant sound, something like a bee. It is usually associated with vibrations.

  • Chatter - rapidly repeating a metallic-like sound.

  • Chirp - high pitched rapidly repeating sound, like chirping birds.

  • Click - light, low volume sound, like clicking a mouse, or the end of a pen.

  • Clunk / Thump - heavy metal-to-metal sound, like a hammer striking on steel.

  • Grind - abrasive sound with friction, like sandpaper rubbing against wood.

  • Groan / Moan - continuous, low-pitched humming sound.

  • Growl / Howl - a low, guttural sound, like an angry dog.

  • Hiss - continuous, rushing sound, like air escaping from a balloon.

  • Hum - continuous, sound of varying frequencies, like a wire humming in the wind.

  • Knock - heavy, loud, repeating sound like there's someone at the front door.

  • Ping - similar to a knock, like ringing a bell, except at a higher frequency range.

  • Rattle - bouncing sound suggesting looseness, such as marbles rolling around in a can.

  • Roar - deep, prolonged sound similar to an animal, high winds or ocean waves.

  • Rumble - low, heavy continuous sound like that made by large wagons or distant thunder.

  • Squeak - high-pitched sound, like rubbing a clean window.

  • Squeal - continuous, high-pitched sound like running fingernails across a chalkboard.

  • Tap / Tick - light, hammering sound like hitting a pencil on the edge of a table, rhythmic or intermittent.

  • Whir / Whine - high-pitched, buzzing sound similar to an electric motor or drill.

  • Whistle - sharp, shrill sound similar to wind passing through a small opening.​

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