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Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive

Archoil's AR9100 friction modifier is suitable for use in all diesel and gasoline engines (including Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke). AR9100 forms a solid boundary lubricating film that improves performance and protects engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems and eliminates hard start/cold start issues caused by HEUI injector misfires in 6.0L & 7.3L Power Strokes.


Upgrade Your Engine Oil

  • Increases power and response
  • Reduces friction and provides anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Protects engine during cold starts
  • Cleans and prevents sludge/varnish deposits
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Fixes HEUI injector problems (Power Stroke and others)



If AR9100 does not eliminate stiction issues in your 6.0L or 7.3L Power Stroke within 200 kilometres, we will refund your purchase.

AR9100 Friction Modifier

SKU: AR9100-16
  • AR9100 Friction Modifier

    • Engine oil treat at 1.2 oz per quart
    • Motorcycles wet clutch or not 1.2 oz per quart
    • Gear oil treat at 10-1, 3.2 oz per quart
    • Hydraulic oil treat at 10-1, 3.2 oz per quart
    • Power steering system add 1 oz
    • Limited slip differentials 1.2 oz per quart
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