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Archoil AR6400-G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner

Archoil engineered the high concentrate AR6400-G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner to restore and maintain maximum performance and fuel economy. Even a brand new vehicle's performance will decline if not regularly treated with a fuel system and engine cleaner.


For Use In Gasoline Engines

Archoil specially formulated the AR6400-G to clean gasoline engines and fuel systems. Use every 8,000 km (5,000 miles) to maintain a clean fuel system and engine.


Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for gasoline engines
  • Cleans fuel system and injectors
  • Reduces combustion chamber deposits
  • Cleans intake valves
  • Increases power and fuel efficiency

AR6400-G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner

SKU: AR6400-G
    • Use AR6400-G every 8,000 kilometres (5,000 miles) or as required. We recommend using AR6200 Fuel Treatment at every fill-up between AR6400-G treatments.
    • One bottle of AR6400-G treats between 45 and 95 litres (12 and 25 gallons) of gasoline. Use one bottle per 45 litres (12 gallons) of fuel for deep cleaning.
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