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  • AR6500 Diesel Treatment
    Archoil formulated the AR6500 Diesel Treatment to address issues associated with modern diesel fuels. AR6500 incorporates the most powerful and advanced diesel additive chemistry that is currently available. Only 100% active ingredients are used with no fillers, offering greater value per fill-up.

    Archoil engineered the AR6500's detergents and lubricants to clean, lubricate and protect your fuel system, including injectors, pumps, lines and tanks in all fuel systems, including the latest high-pressure common-rail injection fuel systems.

    AR6500 also incorporates Archoil's proven combustion modifier technology and a substantial cetane boost to increase power and response and reduce soot and carbon build-up in turbos, DPF and EGR components.

    Features & Benefits
    •    Increases Power and Response
    •    Improves MPG 6-10%
    •    Reduces DPF Regen Frequency
    •    Dissolves Sludge and Stabilizes Fuel
    •    Improves Lubricity and Extends Component Life
    •    Maintains and Protects Injectors and Fuel System
    •    Disperses Water and Protects Against Corrosion
    •    Boosts Cetane up to 8 points

    AR6500 Diesel Treatment

    PriceFrom C$29.95
      • One 10.1 oz bottle treats 378.5 litres or 100 gallons of diesel
      • One 40.6 oz bottle treats 1,514 litres or 400 gallons of diesel
      • DAILY DRIVER: 30 ml per 38 litres (1 oz per 10 gallons)
      • POWER BOOST: 60 ml per 38 litres (2 oz per 10 gallons)
      • Add AR6500 to the fuel tank at the required dosage first, and then add diesel fuel. Use before every fill-up.
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