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With the outbreak of COVID-19 and its recent impact, we remain focused on the safety and well-being of our team members, customers and our community. We are fully committed to supporting you and serving you with the same level of professional quality service we always have while ensuring our team members remain safe and healthy.


In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we know that everyone must take special precautions. All Canadians are advised to stay at home, limit non-essential trips, do not gather in large groups and practice safe social distancing at all times. 

When you are dropping off your vehicle, please note the following changes to our check-in and check-out procedures: 

  • all persons entering or remaining in these premises must wear a mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin as required under Municipal By-law 101-2020

  • safe social distancing practices in the front office and shop at all times

  • cleaning and sanitizing vehicle keys

  • cleaning and sanitizing the common contact points on the vehicle

  • contact-less payment methods such as debit/credit, or EFT are strongly encouraged


Please be considerate of others and DO NOT enter our facility. We kindly ask that you call ahead to book an appointment, and make the necessary arrangements to ensure a safe vehicle drop-off and pick-up.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • fever (feeling hot to the touch, a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher)

  • chills

  • cough that's new or worsening (continuous, more than usual)

  • barking cough, making a whistling noise when breathing (croup)

  • shortness of breath (out of breath, unable to breathe deeply)

  • sore throat

  • difficulty swallowing

  • runny, stuffy or congested nose (not related to seasonal allergies or other known causes or conditions)

  • lost sense of taste or smell

  • pink eye (conjunctivitis)

  • headache that’s unusual or long lasting

  • digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain)

  • muscle aches

  • extreme tiredness that is unusual (fatigue, lack of energy)

  • falling down often

  • for young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite

Last Updated:  August 21, 2020

A message from Corey Wolting, GM
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Dear Valued Customers,

The health and safety of our customers, team members, and the community where we live and serve is our top priority. I want to share directly with you the proactive steps we have in place to protect the health and safety of all our customers, team members, and our community.

We have established even more robust cleaning and sanitizing procedures in our office and shop, such as regular cleaning of the high traffic areas, door handles, office equipment and tools. Our staff is regularly cleaning these common contact surfaces throughout the day. All persons entering or remaining in these premises must wear a mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin as required by Municipal By-law 101-2020. Customers may enter through the office door only and put their keys into the drop-box at the front counter. Our staff will then clean and sanitize the keys during the check-in process. Our technicians will sanitize the common contact points on the vehicle such as the steering wheel, door handles, interior door panels, gear shifter, seat belt buckles, switches and buttons before and after any repairs or services are performed on your vehicle. 

We kindly ask that everyone continues to practice physical distancing while visiting our shop. Each day we are diligently performing these measures to maintain a clean and safe environment for all our customers, our staff, and our own friends and families. These critical actions will remain our top priority as we continue to provide our regular vehicle repair and maintenance services. We encourage our customers to book appointments in advance and make arrangements for dropping their vehicles off. We have closed our customer waiting area, and are no longer offering rides or pick-up and delivery services. This was a very difficult decision for us to make, and we hope it is only a temporary measure, but we do feel it is necessary at this time.


We care very much about the health and safety of our employees and their families, especially during this time of uncertainty, which is why we've updated our health and safety policies with an increased focus on sanitation, hygiene, and social distancing practices. We are taking additional precautions on the vehicles to maintain a clean and safe environment for our customers. We have instructed our team members who may experience cold or flu-like symptoms to stay home for a minimum of two weeks and cannot return to work until cleared of all symptoms.​

Our management team continues to meet regularly to track the latest developments. We are relying on the most current data available from our local government and health care professionals to monitor the situation. We remain committed to serving our customers and are taking the necessary precautions to protect and promote the health and safety of our customers, team members, and all others within our community.

On behalf of the entire team here at ATW, I would like to thank you for your continued trust and support as we continue to work together through these challenging times.


Corey Wolting

General Manager

ATW Automotive Services