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Archoil AR6200 Fuel Treatment
Archoil’s AR6200 Fuel Treatment is suitable for use in gasoline and diesel. AR6200 incorporates Archoil's combustion modification technology, leading to a significant reduction in soot and carbon build-up. The product also improves lubricity for fuel system protection and contains a powerful stabilizer and dispersant package for long-term fuel storage.

AR6200 Fuel Treatment

SKU: AR6200-10
    • One 10.1 oz bottle treats up to 1,135 litres (300 gallons).
    • Use AR6200 at every fill-up
    • Diesel and Gasoline Fuel: 1 ml per gallon (3.785 litres)
    • Power Boost: 2 ml per gallon (3.785 litres)
    • Two-Stroke Engines: 2 ml per gallon (3.785 litres)
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