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Highly Skilled & Experienced Staff

ATW Automotive has the knowledge and expertise to make your vehicle repair and maintenance simple and easy.  Our Service Advisors have the tools to help you keep track of your maintenance schedules. Our Technicians are Red Seal Certified and highly skilled, working together and building on decades of combined experience.

Our technicians have the most advanced equipment available right at their fingertips.  You don't need to go to the dealership for factory-scheduled maintenance, diagnostics, or even the more complicated repairs.

Automotive Service Technician performing adjustments to the alignment on a vehicle

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

ATW has the team you need, so you can completely relax and concentrate on business. We take pride in knowing that you’re able to succeed and prosper stress-free because we’re taking excellent care of your fleet.

With our team of technicians taking care of your maintenance and repairs, you’ll notice enhanced driving experiences, fewer breakdowns, as well as improved service experiences and far fewer headaches. We know what it takes to manage vehicle maintenance, and we want you to know we're here to help.

Automotive Service Technician checking the oil level on a vehicle after performing an oil change

We Know Preventative Maintenance

Automotive Service Technician removing an engine from a UPS truck

ATW Automotive Services in Chatham, Ontario, performs the area’s most complete and comprehensive maintenance and repairs for your entire fleet. Your vehicles are meant to work for you and to be productive when you are out on the road.


The last thing you want to worry about is a broken-down vehicle. The wise thing to do is to have a highly-trained and experienced repair facility service your entire fleet at once. You want the money to keep rolling in, and you want your organization to be as productive as possible. That’s what our team is here to do for you and your fleet.

Your Safety Is Most Important 

Truck Service Technician descaling a wheel hub with an air needler

We’re interested in protecting your fleet for today and tomorrow, extending your vehicles' road-life as long as possible. One essential safety component is the braking system. With our quality brake inspections and service, we can ensure that your drivers and cargo are always safe. 

With our clean and consistent oil change services, we’re able to inspect, protect and preserve your fleet’s engines. Since they are likely to be on the road more frequently and drive longer than a regular vehicle, our staff will adjust service plans to your specific needs. 

We Care About You

Our certified technicians can handle any of your repair needs and provide any preventative maintenance services you need on your vehicles. When your cars are often out on the road collecting kilometres, the chances of a need for repair significantly increase. 


Our Service Advisors have the tools and training to help you manage your vehicle maintenance. Bring your vehicles to ATW, and we’ll be your dedicated service provider. We strive to go above and beyond with every service we perform for you. Our team treats all of our customers like family. We're here helping you save time and letting you stay focused on business.

Automotive Service Technician inspecting tires on a car


Proudly Serving
Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area since 1985

ATW Automotive Services, in its first form, was opened as Ray & Ralph’s Garage in 1983, with two of the current owners as the founders of the auto repair shop. Ray Wolting and Ralph Aukema started their business out of a small, two-bay shop on Queen Street. The company quickly began earning new customers and clients, and it wasn't long before the guys needed to hire additional staff to help with the workload.

In May of 1985, John Timmermans joined the team as the other partner with Ray and Ralph, to add a heavy-duty truck service division. Taking their initials as inspiration, the three partners then renamed the business to ATW Automotive Services. The company moved into a larger location (Park Ave shop) to accommodate the thriving automotive department, and soon after, built an addition on the front of the building to house the new truck department.

Two owners of ATW, Ray and Ralph
John Timmermans and Ray Wolting test out the natural gas pumps in 1987

Several years later, the partners expanded the business into the Alternative Fuels industry and began installing natural gas and propane conversion systems and refuelling appliances for vehicles. ATW went on to open a fast-fill natural gas refuelling station on-site at the Park Ave location. These conversion systems add the capability of running on two different fuel sources (bi-fuel) and being able to switch from gasoline to an alternative fuel such as natural gas or propane on the fly.

During that time, the business needed extra storage space to house inventory for the Alternative Fuels division. The owners purchased the second piece of property at 50 Irwin Street and built a new 8000 square foot storage building. It wasn't long before the truck department began to outgrow the space at Park Ave and went on to move into the facility at Irwin Street. ATW operated out of two locations in this way for many years and earned many loyal clients through dedication to professional quality and customer service.

Exterior Photo of the ATW Automotive Services building on 50 Irwin Street in Chatham, Ontario

Anticipating that there would be more changes coming to the business, the owners decided to move the automotive shop from Park Ave over to Irwin Street with the truck shop. Now, all of ATW's services are back at one location as the owners approach their retirement.

In September of 2018, the owners made an announcement of administrative changes, as brother and sister-in-law, Corey Wolting and Ashley Wolting were named as the new managers of the business.

Since then, the company has quickly transformed into a modernized shop with new computer software and other technology to increase productivity and enhance the overall customer experience.

If you're dropping your vehicle off and need a ride someplace in town, our staff will be happy to shuttle you there. Or if you're waiting, you can enjoy our friendly customer service, free wi-fi, and a cup of coffee or tea.

Service desk with computer, phone and tablet
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