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How Often Should I Change My Diesel Fuel Filter?

Proper vehicle care is all about following the recommended schedules for preventative maintenance, including changing your fuel filters and having your vehicle inspected regularly. It will save you time and money by preventing more costly repairs in the future and provide you with peace of mind today.

The above photo is an example of a used, dirty filter (left) with 20,000 km on it compared to a new diesel fuel filter (right).

Over time, small amounts of rust, dirt and other contaminants will settle inside the fuel tank. After a few years, this can amount to quite a bit of sediment. As your vehicle ages, the fuel filter has to work even harder to screen your fuel. More sediment built up in your fuel tank means more potential for grit in the fuel system, leading to rough running, hard starting, and premature failure of the diesel fuel injectors and other critical engine components.

Fuel filters clean your fuel by capturing the dirt, dust and debris in the fuel before getting into your engine. The cleaner the fuel, the better the engine will run and the longer it will last. Most diesel engines have two filters; a fuel filter and a fuel/water separator, located in the fuel line between the tank and the engine. Diesel fuel filters ensure proper fuel system flow while protecting critical system components. The primary filter is designed for optimum balance between low restriction and high efficiency, while the secondary filter maximizes particle removal. Together, they deliver optimum fuel system performance.

We recommend that you replace your fuel filter every 20,000 kilometres. Depending on how you drive, how far you commute, the quality of diesel fuel, and what type of vehicle it is, you may need to adjust the service interval accordingly. Always expect to change the fuel filters before they become clogged. Check with your owner's manual to determine how often to service the filter and how long you can expect it to last. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff at ATW can help you determine the recommended fuel filter replacement schedules for your vehicle.

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