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Archoil AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Archoil's AR6400-D Diesel Fuel System Cleaner utilizes the latest and most powerful fluid technology to deliver a cleaning service to the vital fuel system components - injectors, DPFs, turbos and EGRs. Experience restored performance, improved fuel economy and smoother idling due to cleaning the fuel system with AR6400-D.

Cleans Injectors

  • AR6400-D rapidly removes internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) and carbon build-up from injector tips in all diesel applications.

  • AR6400-D ensures correct injector spray patterns, resulting in complete combustion and lower emissions for optimized performance.

  • Cleaning carried out by using AR6400-D results in more power and efficiency and less frequent regens.

Removes Turbo Deposits

  • AR6400-D removes carbon build-up from the turbo. Carbon build-up negatively affects turbo performance and life.

  • Carbon and soot deposits restrict movement of the turbine and variable vanes inside the turbo, resulting in turbo lag and lower boost pressures.

  • AR6400-D prevents the accumulation of carbon, which reduces excess heat and wear and helps avoid premature failure of the turbocharger.

Reduces DPF Deposits

  • AR6400-D improves combustion, which reduces carbon, soot and particulate exhaust emissions.

  • AR6400-D cleans soot and carbon deposits from the DPF.

  • Reduction in carbon and soot build-up will reduce regenerations, prevent performance loss and potential engine damage from clogged DPFs.

NOTE: AR6400-D does not cure Power Stroke HEUI injector problems (stiction). Please use the AR9100 Friction Modifier instead.

Treat Rate

  • One 12 oz bottle of AR6400-D treats 150 litres (40 gallons) of diesel fuel.

  • Add AR6400-D to the fuel tank at the required dosage and then add fuel. Use every 5,000 - 8,000 kilometres or as required.

  • For best results, between treatments use AR6200 at every fill-up.

Available Sizes

  • 12 oz / 355 ml bottle

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