Natural Gas Refuelling

CNG Fast-Fill Station located at 733 Park Ave W. in Chatham, ON

An Effective & Stable Alternative

A natural gas vehicle is an economically and environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel. Natural gas can fuel many different types of vehicles, including cars, pick-up trucks, cube vans, medium and heavy-duty trucks, city buses, and transport trucks. Natural gas is the only fuel that has actually dropped in price over the last decade.

It's Cleaner, and It Costs Less

Canada has an abundant supply of natural gas, which means that costs will continue to stay low for the foreseeable future. Converting large fleets and heavy-duty vehicles from diesel to natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 15% and save up to 40% on fuel costs.

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CNG Is Expanding

There are a growing number of CNG stations currently in Ontario, with new stations up and running along the 401 between Windsor and Toronto. These stations support a long-term, low-cost advantage over gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Many commercial fleets have invested in on-site fuel stations. Refuelling stations incorporate proven technologies to suit a variety of needs. Fast-fill stations provide fuel on-demand, with short fuelling times similar to gasoline or diesel. Time-fill stations are much slower and are usually connected overnight. By morning, the vehicles are full and ready to go.

Natural Gas is Safe, Clean, and Cost-Effective

Public Fast-Fill CNG Station

ATW Automotive Services provides public access to natural gas for vehicles. The fast-fill CNG station is open 24/7, available for use by card lock account only. Vehicle refuelling is safe and does not require any type of special training. The refuelling nozzle locks onto the receptacle of the vehicle and stays secured into place. Once the cylinders are full, the dispenser automatically shuts off, and the nozzle can be disconnected.

Apply for a Refuelling Account With Us

To apply for a natural gas refuelling account with ATW, you can download and complete the application and submit the form to our office at 50 Irwin Street, where we can then provide you with your new card and finalize the setup of your account.