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Alternative Fuel Systems

Designed & Built for Today's Modern Vehicles

Professional Quality 

When it comes to alternative fuels, ATW is known as the place to go for conversion systems. We have many years of experience installing these types of bi-fuel and diesel-blend systems. Our installations are top-notch quality and built to outlast the life of the vehicle.

Versatile Technology

Prins Autogas developed their Vapourized Sequential Injection (VSI) System in such a way that, with very few component changes, can be used for both CNG and LPG applications. It is also suitable for the latest generation of Direct Injection engines (VSI-DI system). Universal and dedicated fuel conversion systems are available for a wide variety of vehicles. 

  • Natural Gas Conversions for Vehicles

  • Propane Conversions for Vehicles

  • Alternative Fuel System Diagnostics & Tuning

  • Alternative Fuel System Repairs & Service

  • CNG/LPG Tank & Valve Replacements

  • VSI Systems for Direct Injection Engines (VSI-2.0 DI)

  • Alternative Fuel System Safety Inspections

  • TSSA Certifications for CNG/LPG Powered Vehicles

*Please Note: Certifications for vehicles equipped with propane appliances require a different type of TSSA certification that only a licensed Gas Fitter can perform. We do not offer this inspection or certification but can provide you with a referral.


Suppose your vehicle does not pass the Gas Fitter's TSSA inspection because of a faulty valve or expired tank. In that case, we can do some of the repairs required for your certification, such as replacing your propane vapour tank, pressure regulator, propane supply valve, or fill valve.


Everything downstream of the regulator, including the appliances themselves, falls under the jurisdiction of a TSSA-Certified Gas Fitter. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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